The AT&T divestiture of 1984 created a sea change in the telecommunications industry. The break up of AT&T and the creation of the Baby Bells opened a new era of competition and innovation. It also caused problems for end users who experienced confusion and delay in having needed telecommunications work completed as business in general began to grow and the U.S. economy began to recover from a prolonged period of economic stagnation.

EXPERTEL was formed in 1984 to fulfill a need to complete telephone Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) in a timely, competent and cost effective manner. While 1984 was an environment where the local telephone companies and the new interconnect industry were free to compete vigorously with new innovative digital telephone systems, neither the telephone companies nor the interconnect companies were providing timely, competent and cost effective after installation support of their customers’ MAC needs. EXPERTEL was uniquely positioned to fill this void.

There was an explosion of new telephone system and service installations in 1984: and while sales were robust, the on going support of customers "after installation" needs suffered greatly. Enter EXPERTEL. Michael Gavin, who by 1984 had already had a great deal of experience in the telecommunications industry was approached by a telecommunications consultant who had clients throughout New York City and the surrounding tri state area that were having difficulty completing telephone move, add and change work at a pace consistent with their business needs. Mike Gavin founded EXPERTEL and had an immediate customer base that included large banks, brokerage houses, advertising agencies, law firms and insurance companies. EXPERTEL grew and prospered. Some of EXPERTEL's new competitors (the very companies that were not satisfying their customer needs) hired EXPERTEL, as a subcontractor to do this work.

Today, EXPERTEL continues to service business organizations' needs throughout New York City and the surrounding tri state area. EXPERTEL fills the VOICE, DATA, CATV, PAGING, and SECURITY needs of its customers and as a sub contractor to national vendors, has recently been commissioned to install, upgrade, service and maintain various national retailers point of sale (POS) systems. EXPERTEL now, also installs voice, data, CATV, paging and security systems in new stores in the tri-state area.

Whatever your telecommunications, data, or wiring needs may be, contact EXPERTEL. We are a mature, established organization with a history of reliable, timely, and affordable service to our customers. No job is too large or small. We will be happy to evaluate your needs. Call us today.

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